New Renewable Energy

Pertamina Power Indonesia carried out various initiatives related to the development of Renewable Energy

Indonesia is a country that has abundant energy sources, consist fossil or non-fossil energy sources. But until now most of the energy produced and used comes from fossils which is 95% of the total energy mix. With a stable and strong economic growth rate in recent years, The demand of energy will continue to increase. The relatively limited level of dependence on fossil energy can overcome energy problems in this country. Therefore the energy problem will continue to be the main concern of the government in the future related to the issue of environmental problems because it increases fossil energy for various national socio-economic activities.

Renewable Energy is one of the energy sources that can fulfill energy needs and contribute to the national energy mix and help mitigate the impact of global climate change. This energy source is used almost all over the world which has utilized renewable energy as a strategic energy source to anticipate the energy crisis

New Renewable Energy Projects